Maximum XOR of Two Numbers in an Array

2022/01/27 05:22
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Hash Table
Bit Manipulation


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// 421. Maximum XOR of Two Numbers in an Array // // // findMaximumXOR function finds the maximum value of operation xor-ed by the elements in the given array. // By thinking a greedy way of Bit Manipulation, if xor-ed result of the higher digit is marked as 1, then it would be the candiate of the answer value. // As an example, 100 is bigger than any of 2 digits numbers of xor-ed result. // The next one to solve the problem as a greedy way is that reflect the higher bit result to the lower bit. // If the result of xor with several numbers has been made the 100 as a result, then the answer could be made by the two numbers which yield the xor-ed value 100. // To reflect and ensure the greedy answer, if the xor-ed bit can be yield, memoize the value and use it on the next operations. // This can be done by the hash map instance which type is map[int]bool and bit shifting. // The expression of the hash map memoization is that if a^b=c, then a^c=b can be done. func findMaximumXOR(nums []int) int { xor := 0 for i := 31; i >= 0; i-- { hash := make(map[int]bool) for _, n := range nums { hash[n>>i<<i] = true } trial := xor | 1<<i for key := range hash { if hash[trial^key] { xor = trial break } } } return xor }