1. Before Starting Blog


Who Are You?

Before introducing myself, thank you for visiting my blog. It’ really good to see you! This is Jason (a.k.a. BIGPEL), who is a undergraduate student in Korea.
I’m in the junior grade in “KOREA UNIVERSITY” and majoring “Computer Science and Engineering”. I’m not sure what I’m going to do in the future, but I would like to keep studying CSE until I become a grandpa lol.
Also, I’m considering to go abroad someday (for a job), so I’m trying to write the posts in English. You might think that I have poor English skill, I’m really sorry for about that.

What Are You Interested In?

Learning something about CS was always my interests. I took the courses below.
Data Structure
Practice of Linux
Digital System
System Software
Introduction of Big Data
Information Security
Computer Architecture
Discrete Mathematics
Computer Graphics
Artificial Intelligence
Operating System
Computer Network
Moreover, I’ve just got interest about Dart Language. In this summer vacation, I participated in Mad Camp in KAIST. During the camp, one of my friend(also as a tutor :D) introduced the framework Flutter and I could know that the framework supports to make web or app on ios and android. This was the most attractive point and started to learn it.
Also, being a Gosu on Problem Solving by Algorithm is one my goal. I’ve just started to solve the problems on (a.k.a. boj in Korea).
Finally, on these days, I taking M.L. courses of Andrew Ng. Before graduation, I would like to proceed the projects regarding M.L.(especially Deep Learning). In addition, if I get more interests about it, I would like to get a job or be a graduate student related to M.L.

Which Subjects Did You Plan to Post?

Well, I’m not good at programming, problem solving, reviewing paper, and so on. Thus, I would like to make a note like diary, which I learned. Maybe I will post the problem that I solved, the projects that I proceeding, the problems like bug while I’m programming, or the interesting papers that I read.

Why Did You Decide to Start Posting

The main reason is that when I stuck with some bugs, and cannot solve the problems by searching through the engines, I want to solve them by finding my posts. I think that accumulating the cases is very important to developers. I think that the only person who can solve one’s own problem is oneself. Also, I’ve never written diary at all, except when I was serving military duty in ROKMC. Thus, I would like to memorize whole of my activities while stepping foward to be a great developer, and after being so, I would like to help other people by giving my cases.

What Is Your Plan After This Post?

It’s me lol!
Well, I’m going to go to cafe to study PS algorithms with my friends. Sorry lol, I will keep practicing Flutter through Google Codelab, and take courses of Andrew Ng. On next semester, I’m planning to take courses like M.L., Programming Langauge, IoT, Data Communication, Database, so when the semester begins, I would be little more busy than now to do term projects. At the same time, if I have spare time to do my own project, I would like to make flutter app. Moreover when the next semester ends, I’m gonna take a break 1 year from the University to be a Software Maestro(Special Activity from Government).
Thank you for reading my introduction, and I will keep posting my daily life with various subjects.