2. Before Being a Student of Korea University in Sejong Campus


My Goal in Middle School Age

One of my interests was Language. English and Japanese were the languages that I would like to use in really life. This was the motivation to enter Foreign Language High School in Korea. Moreover, at that time, when I graduate the high school, I would like to major Department of Political Science and Diplomacy to be a diplomat.

High School Life

The entrance of AFLHS on April with cherry blossoms
After my 3-year middle school life, I could attend Anyang Foreign Language High School(AFLHS). When I was a freshman, I aimed to study actively. Thus, I could get good scores from overall subjects, especially, Mathematics and English. When the computer teacher was reviewing overall scores of students, he recommended me to learn C Language. I heard that C Language is the special language that I can communicate with computer, so I decided to learn it!
Much to my regret, I was a hard player of SC2. (Actually, this game was the only way to take a rest for me. Also, my friends enjoyed the game much, so not to lose, I spent a lot of time as much as I can.) In addition, my ranks started to rise drastically when I started to learn C Language. I became lose my interests toward C Language.

Decided to Quit the High School

Almost 600th place in the world when there was no Grandmaster League in SC2
Seriously the game affected my entire high school life. As I became a famous player on online, I did not study like before. I’ve never dreamed about and did not want to be a pro-gamer, but when my clan-mate got a first prize in the contest, I let go of my dream about diplomat and wanted to be a pro-gamer. In sophomore grade, I decided to quit the school. After the decision, I could enter the minor pro-team. Though I entered the team, I wanted to be a more famous player and dreamed to transfer bigger team.

Re-start to Study, Planning After the Game Life

Beyond my control, I could not achieve it. Because of the influx of SC1 pro-gamers, outcome of the contest got worse and worse. I had no choice but to stop playing the game and start to study. When the contracts between the team and me ends, I did not renew it and registered the institution for university entrance.
The seat for me in the reading room of Jongro Academy
First, I tried to set which major do I want to do, not the name of the university. At that moment, I wanted to do what I really want to do as the game. In addition, I did not want to quit before being such a great person at the field. I knew that I wanted to use computer frequently and remembered the moment that I learned C Language. I thought that “Though I don’t know what I’m going to do in the future, I want to learn the programming language and computer science.”, so I could set the major which I want to.
For the major, I spent more time on Mathematics and English than other subjects. I expected that the study would be going well, but it was not. Accustomed subjects like Mathematics and Science were not used to be because of the absence of rest 2 years of high school course.

Result of the Back-To-Study

At the end of the year that I entered the institution(2014), I took a entrance exam of university. Regardless of my effort, result was not that good. As a result of the exam, I applied to the Department of Computer Science and Information in Sejong campus of Korea University. Originally, I could not enter the university with mine, fortunately, I could enter there at the last acceptance.
This was the brief story of my high school life. Next post will be the campus life in Sejong before campus transfer to Seoul.