8. The 1st Day of Enterprise Visit


Enterprise Visit after MadCamp

The “MadCamp” from KAIST hold the enterprise visit which companies are related to the venture capital company “BonAngels” on August 13th to 14th. The participated companies were PUBG, VCNC, VoyagerX, Class101, InfLab, DeepNatural, and WooWa Brothers. Each company accepted the appliance of the enterprise visit. It means that not all students can go to the visit where they want. The students had to submit brief covering letter with provided forms to the company which they want to visit. If the company allows to visit, then we had to gather in front of the company building on time.

The Table of the Enterprise Visit

Every company was located in Seoul

The Goal of the Visit

Looking around the circumstance
Understanding the atmosphere
Indirectly experiencing the work that developers usually do
Catching the internship plans

The Company That I Visited


The participants in front of the PUBG logo in the company
There were weird shaped chairs in the middle of the office
Though the environment for the developers was comfortable like cafe, there was no internship plan that PUBG announced until winter vacation in 2019. The internship was already closed for the summer vacation. Thus, the students in there only had a chance to look around the inside of the building. Nothing special for me. When the visit ended, the participants got some goods from PUBG.


In the conference room for QnA session
Actually, I didn’t know what does the VoyagerX do. Even, I didn’t know that this company use Deep Learning as their main technology. Soon, I was astonished because they introduced their product to the participants. I saw the ad of application “vFlat” for the android on my Facebook timeline which was , and this application was VoyagerX’s. They were trying a lot of projects by using Deep Learning, and they aimed the projects to achieve over a billion downloads. After the introduction of the company, I heard the internship plan of this year. CEO of this company already specified the income for the interns with the interview questions on his Facebook timeline. The developers in the company added that if the applicants answered the most of the questions on CEO’s timeline, there would be no matter to be an VoyagerX’s intern. When the section of the internship plan ended, one of the worker guided the company. There were home training machines in the office, huge size TV with PS4 for the employees, and premium coffee machine. Also, the working environment was like open architecture to interact well with each others. If I have enough skills and knowledge in the Deep Learning field, I would submit my resume for the internship.