6. Field Trip to LG Science Park


How Did You Find the Activity?

Actually I don’t use LG product, so LG logo was quite weird to me lol
I had the field trip to the research complex of LG so called as “LG Science Park” on 24th May.
I found the activity through the online bulletin board of my department. While I was in reviewing period of my major courses, I decided to join the field trip for the students because I had spare times on weekend. I was always wondering how does the circumstance of the research complex of the conglomerate. Thus, I would like to find it, as well as which departments are there, and what kind of works are the researchers usually do.

Where Does the LG Science Park Located?

There was such an magnificent view that I can see through the windows :D
This complex is located in Magongnaru station which is Seoul subway line 9. Originally, most of the R&D complexes are located in Noncapital regions, but LG Science Park has the merits of its location . This place is not only popular with the R&D complex of many conglomerates in Korea, but also the botanical garden and the park in front of it are also popular.

Which Places Did You Visit or Events Did You Have?

LG Innovation Gallery

LG Innovation Gallery on the 2nd floor of the building
The technologies for the future were exhibited. Also, there were the particular parts for delivery to other enterprises such as batteries, motherboards, or solar panels. The most impressive moment was that I could board a electric car which was operated by automatic driving. This was simulated by VR and I could see all of the options through automotive windshield glass. Thus, there were no side mirrors or back mirrors. On the other hand, home interior was also interesting. Each room was decorated with LG goods for smart IoT. I could use the refrigerator which enables online shopping to the user on real-time, AI system to control the circumstance of rooms, or smart wardrobe which manages the condition of the clothes. I thought that LG electronics has the most powerful influence on the field of home appliances.

Food Court at the Welfare Complex

If I had a great size of stomach, I could’ve had another menu T_T
The students had their lunch at the Food Court. Every kind of food were prepared. What we had to do was just taking a ticket and submit to the cafeteria with ordering a menu. I had NaengMyeon with roasted beef with reasonable prices. After the lunch, I had sweet rice drink for a dessert after returning my tray. The food court was located at the center of the welfare complex in the basement of the science park. Thus, there were fitness center, consultant for a tour, market, cafe, or center for health check.

The Lounge with Library

The view of the outside from this floor was also impressive
This was another welfare place to the employees. People can take a rest with using foot massager while watching the views out of the building (trees or pond in the park). If they want, they could drink a cup of coffee from coffee machine. Many people were taking rests or having scrums at there. Also, there was a library at the center of the lounge. I heard that everyone could borrow books with ID card. This lounge was connected to the research place, so accessibility to the people were so good.

The Walk Road outside of the Building

There’s a walk road in the science park. It seems to be the place for the people can use freely. When the workers finishes their meals for lunch, they usually take some times to chat with their co-workers sharing their daily life. Or some of them work at there with their laptop, it seemed pleasant to them. The rumor that researcher can work regardless of the place if they follow the regulation of the working hours was true. I thought that the most R&D complexes has dreary moods, but this field trip totally break the stereotype.

The Talk Show with Seniors from “Korea University”

I could compare my position to their’s when they were undergraduate!
More than the half of the students in the field trip were belong to “School of the Electrical Engineering”. Similiarly, most of the seniors on the talk show were belonged to same school when they were undergraduate. They solved the questions from the students. Most of the students wondered whether they should register the graduate school for entering this company. They answered “It depends on which work you want to do or which position you want to be in charge of.”

The Presentation from the Chief Researcher in the Field of AI Robots

I experienced that LG electronics is powerful at the field of the home appliance through the exhibition of the LG Innovation Gallery, but I was wondered whether LG is good at AI or Robots. I heard the explanation of their robot technologies and the actual operations of their robots at the Incheon Airport. I was shocked because LG’s technology was extremely advanced. The instance at the Incheon Airport was successfully finished, so Incheon Airport asked LG for keeping the robots without withdrawal. The robot can recognize the stuffs in the airport, and it can separate the stuffs into whether they are people or not. Besides, It makes its own map of the place it belongs to through deep learning by accumulating data by getting around. The most important fact is tha It never had accidents in the airport. After the brief explanation of the technologies, I heard what kind of works does LG want to launch, and which goal does LG want to achieve on Robot field. LG desires the best robotic technology in the world.
Many students must have enjoyed this field trip like me XD

How Was the Field Trip?

I’ve never visited inside of companies. This activity solved my curiosity, and I had indirect experiences of the workers’ daily life. I found what kind of values does LG follow. Like I mentioned above, LG’s robotic technology were highly impressive. I laughed when I heard that LG doesn’t give up their mobile business. In contrast with my laugh, there was reasonable reason that they cannot stop mobile business. The reason is that the mobile is the most nearest electrical device to us, so integrating their services of home appliance with their mobile is the ultimate goal. The presentation about AI Robots were the most helpful section to me. This motivated me a lot to study machine learning. Regardless of the context, I attracted to their home appliances, so I would like to design my home with their products someday.