9. The 2nd Day of Enterprise Visit


Enterprise Visit after MadCamp

The “MadCamp” from KAIST hold the enterprise visit which companies are related to the venture capital company “BonAngels” on August 13th to 14th. The participated companies were PUBG, VCNC, VoyagerX, Class101, InfLab, DeepNatural, and WooWa Brothers. Each company accepted the appliance of the enterprise visit. It means that not all students can go to the visit where they want. The students had to submit brief covering letter with provided forms to the company which they want to visit. If the company allows to visit, then we had to gather in front of the company building on time.

The Table of the Enterprise Visit

Every company was located in Seoul

The Goal of the Visit

Looking around the circumstance
Understanding the atmosphere
Indirectly experiencing the work that developers usually do
Catching the internship plans

The Company That I Visited


The CEO’s presentation was proceeded at “AI Playground” in the Yangjae AI Innovaton R&CD Hub
There were many AI companies in the Hub, even “/*elice*/”!
Because the time for the visit was near lunch time, they prepared some refreshments for us. While we were having sushi, cookies, pizzas, and salmon rolls, CEO introduced the company like he did in MadCamp before. After that, he let us know the internship plan of the company. There were only 9 programmers in the company, the applicants must be good at programming. They were collecting Front-End engineers for the app and web, Back-End engineers, Data pre & post processing engineers, and AI engineers. Near the time at the end of the visit, the mentors of every group guided the inside of the company to us. The members in the group could freely ask their question to the mentor. I knew that many other AI companies were also using the same building, so the rest place like cafeteria or lounge were shared with the companies at the same floor. Moreover, the working space was nice. Though the space was little bit small, I saw the clean and simple design that the programmers can concentrate on their works. Some of the workers were using desktops and others were using laptops, so I was wondered whether I can use the environment that I want to use if I work as the intern. The mentor said that I could buy the electronic devices that I want to buy within the allocated mileage and set the circumstances that I want to use. Fortunately, I heard that the Front-End engineers use the flutter to make ios and android applications. Not only the circumstance and the mood of the company was good (Maybe I remember that there were no companies better than this), but also It was a great chance to me that I could use the flutter framework while working as a intern. When I become the senior grade, I will apply to the intern which is linked with credits of the university.

Woowa Brothers

The group of mine, in front of the statue
’’After visiting the DeepNatural, my group took a taxi to “Mongchontoseong Station” where the headquarter of Woowa Brothers is located. When we entered the office, a guide received us with open arms. We gathered in groups like we did in DeepNatural, the guide started to lead us to the each floor. Just telling what happened at there, there were a lot of things that I could watch and enjoy. However, I could not visit the place where the programmers work because the building for them was totally separated from the headquarter office. Nevertheless, presentation from the vice-president of the company was very impressive. He told us many tips for internship and which value we should follow. From his explanation, I want to try “Woowahan Tech Course” which is the learning camp during the internship in Woowa Brothers.
The weird scrum place